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  • Stay in Lallybroch Castle

    Stay in Lallybroch Castle

    Plans have been announced for the restoration of the interior of Lallybroch , which is currently empty and derelict inside , to eventually include visitor accommodation. Outlander fans know it as Jamie Fraser’s home, Lallybroch, but soon Midhope Castle grounds will be home to a new whisky distillery. Stay in Lallybroch for the ultimate Outlander experience . Lallybroch is the…

  • Lallybroch whisky anyone ?

    Lallybroch Christmas gifts

  • The mystery of the stones – Craigh na Dun

    Outlander season 5 premieres February 16 on Starz. Claire Fraser, as well as several other characters, time travel throughout the series by passing through a stone at a place called Craigh na Dun. You can visit standing stone circles in Scotland and around the world. visit Outlander locations on your own private tour phone 07305-294773 for tour details unique Lallybroch gifts…

  • What part of Scotland is Outlander filmed in?

     Outlander is the smash hit TV series featuring the love story of Jamie and Claire. Outlander is filmed in Scotland . Filming for series five has just finished . Outlander has now been filmed in numerous locations around Scotland. Outlander tours from Edinburgh are available all year round . Lallybroch – Jamie Fraser’s ancestral home –…