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Set jetting tours, a form of tourism inspired by the locations of films and television series, have become an important aspect of Scotland’s tourism industry for several reasons. These tours not only offer fans the opportunity to step into the worlds of their favorite narratives but also bring substantial economic, cultural, and environmental benefits to the regions featured. The most popular set jetting tours include Outlander , Game of Thrones and James Bond tours in Scotland .

Economic Impact

Set jetting tours are significant in Scotland culturally and economically because of their considerable contribution to the local economy. Films and TV shows with iconic Scottish landscapes, such as “Outlander,” “Skyfall,” “Harry Potter,” and Braveheart have significantly boosted visitor numbers to these locations. Tourists flocking to these sites spend money on accommodation, food, guided tours, and souvenirs, which supports local businesses and creates employment opportunities. For instance, the “Outlander” series has led to a remarkable increase in visitors to places like Doune Castle and the Culloden Battlefield, demonstrating the show’s substantial impact on tourism and, consequently, the local economy.

Cultural Heritage Promotion

Set jetting tours also play a crucial role in promoting Scottish culture and heritage. By visiting film and TV locations, tourists gain a deeper appreciation of Scotland’s history, architecture, and traditions. These tours often include educational components, where guides share information about the historical significance of the locations, the stories behind ancient castles, and the customs of the Scottish people. This not only enriches the visitor experience but also helps preserve and disseminate Scottish culture and history.

Environmental Awareness and Preservation

While there are concerns about the environmental impact of increased tourism, set jetting tours can also contribute to conservation efforts. By bringing attention to Scotland’s stunning natural landscapes, these tours raise awareness of the importance of preserving these areas. Many tour operators incorporate environmental education into their tours, encouraging responsible tourism practices such as leaving no trace, wildlife conservation, and supporting sustainable local businesses. This heightened awareness can lead to greater support for environmental initiatives and protection measures for these beautiful locales.

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Diversification of Tourism

Set jetting tours contribute to the diversification of Scotland’s tourism offerings. They attract a wide range of visitors, from die-hard fans of specific films and series to general tourists intrigued by Scotland’s association with popular culture. This diversification helps mitigate the seasonality of traditional tourism and ensures a more steady flow of visitors throughout the year, benefiting the economy and making the industry more resilient to fluctuations.

Global Promotion and Branding

Finally, set jetting tours serve as an effective tool for global promotion and branding of Scotland. The international popularity of films and TV shows shot in Scotland serves as free advertising, showcasing the country’s landscapes, culture, and heritage to a global audience. This not only enhances Scotland’s image as a desirable tourist destination but also attracts international investment and interest in Scottish products and culture.

Location filming in Scotland has increased at an exponential rate over the last 10 years . Proof of this is Screen Scotland has just unveiled a £1 billion vision for creation of 6,000 film and TV industry jobs

More support has been pledged for home-grown film and TV talent and productions

A new blueprint for the future of film and TV in Scotland is to prioritise supporting more home-grown talent and productions, creating more studio space, ensuring filmmaking becomes part of the school curriculum and providing access to cinema screenings all over the country.

In conclusion, set jetting tours are significant in Scotland for their multifaceted benefits. They boost the economy, promote cultural heritage, contribute to environmental awareness, diversify tourism, and enhance Scotland’s global image. As such, these tours are a vital component of Scotland’s tourism industry, offering unique and immersive experiences that connect visitors with the rich tapestry of Scottish landscapes, history, and culture.

Was any of Outlander filmed in Inverness ?

While there is a scene in Outlander at the Clan Fraser grave at Culloden near Inverness , no actual filming took place there . The conservation village of Falkland in Fife was used as Inverness in season one of Outlander . Scenes featuring Jamie standing at the Bruce Fountain, Mrs Baird’s Guesthouse and Farrell’s hardware store were all filmed in Falkland .
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Outlander filming news for season 8

Outlander tours from Edinburgh

Where are they filming Outlander season 8 ?

Filming for Outlander season 8 is taking place at the moment in Scotland . Claire and Jamie are busy filming in Scotland . Marsali and her husband are also continuing their roles in the final season . outlander doune castle filming news Scotland

Outlander fans in the US , UK and around the world are getting excited about seeing the second half of season 7 this year and season 8 , the final season , next year . 

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