The Billion Dollar Film Club

There are now more than 50 films which have joined The Billion Dollar Film Club and there is no doubt that the opening weekend gross of a film is critically important for its final worldwide gross. Avatar is number one in this exclusive club with a Worldwide Gross of $2.9 billion , despite a low Opening Weekend of a paltry  $77 million . Its Production Budget was $237 million

  1. Initial Indicator of Success: The opening weekend gross serves as a primary indicator of a film’s potential success. A strong opening often suggests good word-of-mouth and high audience interest, which can sustain its performance in subsequent weeks.
  2. Marketing and Hype: A significant portion of a film’s marketing budget is spent on creating hype for the opening weekend. If the film performs well, it justifies the marketing spend and generates further free publicity, enhancing its box office potential. The prime example of this is Avengers : Endgame with a Worldwide Gross: $2.8 billion and an Opening Weekend of  $357 million which was almost exactly its Production Budget at $356 million
  3. Theatrical Run: The opening weekend performance can determine the length of a film’s theatrical run. Theatre owners and distributors use these numbers to decide how long to keep a film on screens and how many screens it should be shown on. A strong opening can lead to more screens and a longer run.
  4. Audience Perception: High opening weekend numbers can positively influence audience perception. A film that performs well initially is often perceived as a must-see, encouraging more people to watch it in theatres. Film franchises such as Star Wars have a built in advantage over other films with a well established fan base . Fans from a series of books , such as Harry Potter , also have a head start on the opposition . It will be interesting to see how a rumoured Outlander film will fare as it is based on a series of best selling books.
  5. International Markets: For many films, particularly blockbusters, the international market is crucial. A successful opening weekend in the domestic market can boost its prospects internationally, as foreign distributors and audiences take note of its performance. Titanic , which appears fourth in this list , had a very low start with an Opening Weekend: $28 million but still managed a Worldwide Gross of $2.3 billion
  6. Merchandising and Ancillary Revenues: Strong opening weekend performance can lead to increased interest in related merchandising and ancillary products (DVDs, streaming rights, etc.), contributing to the film’s overall profitability. The James Bond film Skyfall comes in at number 30 on the list with Worldwide Gross of $1.1 billion with a fairly sluggish Opening Weekend of $88 million

Historical Data

Historically, films with strong opening weekends tend to have better overall box office performance. For example:

  • Avengers: Endgame: It had a record-breaking opening weekend of 350 million dollars and went on to become the second highest-grossing film worldwide.
  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens: It had a massive opening weekend, setting records and maintaining strong performance globally. It is fifth on the list with a Worldwide Gross: $2 billion and a huge Opening Weekend of $247 million , equivalent to its entire Production Budget:


While the opening weekend is generally a strong indicator, there are exceptions. Some films may have a modest opening but build momentum through positive reviews and word-of-mouth (e.g., “The Greatest Showman”). Conversely, films with a strong opening may drop off quickly due to poor reviews or negative word-of-mouth.

In summary, while the opening weekend gross is not the sole determinant of a film’s final worldwide gross, it plays a significant role in shaping its financial trajectory and overall success.

Outlander filming news for season 8

Outlander tours from Edinburgh

Where are they filming Outlander season 8 ?

Filming for Outlander season 8 is taking place at the moment in Scotland . Claire and Jamie are busy filming in Scotland . Marsali and her husband are also continuing their roles in the final season . outlander doune castle filming news Scotland

Outlander fans in the US , UK and around the world are getting excited about seeing the second half of season 7 this year and season 8 , the final season , next year .