New season 8 casting

Ailsa Davidson (Halo) will play Jocasta’s sister, Janet MacKenzie, the fifth in season 8 of Outlander . Much like the original series , the Outlander prequel is set across two centuries, and the new cast for the 20th century includes Annabelle Dowler (The Reckoning) who will play Lizbeth, Julia’s principal at the War Department; and Harry Eaton (Eastenders) will star as Private Charlton, Henry Beauchamp’s fellow soldier and friend.

Classic Outlander tours feature Lallybroch and Castle Leoch

Filming for season 8 started a month ago in Scotland with the actors expressing their sadness that the show is finally coming to an end . The curtains may be coming down on the hit historical epic Outlander in a couple of seasons. However, the loyal following the nearly decade-long show had garnered, has already resulted in a prequel series,Now STARZ has just announced the latest additions to the cast with six new names joining the clan for the series. First on the list is Sally Messham (The Hunt For Raoul Moat) as Mrs. Fitz, Ellen’s maid at Castle Leoch and Murtagh’s aunt , Terence Rae (Black Dog) comes on board and will star as Arch Bug, a bodyguard to Clan Grant while Sadhbh Malin (Conversations with Friends) will be playing Jocasta Cameron, the youngest child of the MacKenzie clan.

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What are the best Outlander tours ?

The best Outlander tours go to the most popular locations such as Lallybroch and Castle Leoch. Most tours visit three or four top locations .
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Outlander filming news for season 8

Outlander tours from Edinburgh

Where are they filming Outlander season 8 ?

Filming for Outlander season 8 is taking place at the moment in Scotland . Claire and Jamie are busy filming in Scotland . Marsali and her husband are also continuing their roles in the final season . outlander doune castle filming news Scotland

Outlander fans in the US , UK and around the world are getting excited about seeing the second half of season 7 this year and season 8 , the final season , next year .